24″ x 18″  Paper Limited Edition – $1,150


  • Edition of 110
    (50 canvas, 50 paper, 5 APs each).
  • Signed & numbered.
  • Certificate of Authenticity included.

(2021) I have not released a new limited edition since 2013. However, now seems like the appropriate time to do so. With all that is going on in our world, a little therapy might be in order.

I am pleased to have in my collection, many of the paintings I did of the Hero dogs from 911. One such pup is Wusel, a therapy dog that was only 1 1/2 years old when he brought peace to many at Ground Zero. Here is just a bit of what his handler shared with me; “I don’t want to talk about the people we met since this is privileged information and cannot be repeated. But I can honestly say that he helped innumerable people and made them feel better for at least a little while. He had the ability to make people laugh and subsequently they could cry. He was the kind of dog who interacted by sitting in front and totally concentrated on the person he was visiting with. This is something one cannot teach a dog this is the behavior of a therapy dog born, not made.

Wusel hangs in our bedroom and every morning, when I wake, I see Wusel watching over us. He brings me comfort, as well as a smile to my face, and puts me in a state of calmness to start my day.

I should not be the only one to benefit from his protective gaze. I have decided to offer Wusel as a limited edition for 110 people to share in my experience. After all, he was a special dog and he deserves a special home – might it be yours as well as mine?

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