Ron’s journey to meet the hero dogs.
“While watching the events unfold I saw the story of Sirius, the explosive-detection dog that died in Tower II. I had an overwhelming urge to reach out to David Lim, Sirius’ handler, and do something to try and ease his pain. David was kind enough to share pictures and stories of Sirius with me. His grief over the loss of his friend and partner was heartbreaking….

As I began to better understand the role Sirius played at The World Trade Center, I wanted to know more about the dogs that were committing their lives to serving the public. I went to NYC to meet with a group of pet therapy dogs and their handlers who had spent a considerable amount of time at Ground Zero.

I took photos and got to know the dogs, the handlers and listened to their remarkable stories. They had all worked tirelessly giving comfort to families, firefighters, rescue workers and support groups. I then went to Virginia to meet with a group of search and rescue dogs and their handlers. It was there that I met Sky, the first dog to enter the Pentagon, as well as Nero and other dogs who courageously looked for survivors in the rubble. These experiences deepened my appreciation of the human-animal bond. Through their devotion and unconditional love these dogs touch the hearts and lives of people every day. I hope I’ve done them justice.”

— Ron Burns