Junior & Gainz

“I absolutely love them! Yes, loose, and suggestive. You have captured the heart and soul of all my guys.”

Sophi Chichi & Elf

"I cannot tell you how much I love this! You captured them on their favorite blanky, on the back of the couch where they stare out at the bay. There's just something about the way you sense their personalities through their eyes and relay it to the canvas that makes them come to life."

Ginger & Caymus

“Omg Ron it is gorgeous!!!!! The pic is awesome, you captured the subtlety of each of their personalities perfectly. Thank you!!!”


“Ron’s commission of Rags was spot on! Ron captured the sparkle in Rag’s beautiful,soulful brown eyes, the whimsical smile on his face and his loveable personality.We love the unique vibrant colors that Ron used and just like our love for Rags,this wonderful work of art will be treasured forever. Thank you Ron.”

Gigi & edric

"I am moved to tears. They are absolutely perfect. Thank you so very much."

Pool Pups

“Ron has been capturing the spirit of our dogs for many years now. He has portrayed with indescribable accuracy both the souls and material representations of seven of our dogs — past and present — and is currently working on an eighth! Ron's portrait of our Pool Pups reminds us every day of the joy we receive from watching them play and their boundless enthusiasm for life. Although our lab, Sunshine, is no longer here to go pool bobbing for tennis balls, through Pool Pups we can relive that particular joy every day. Thank you, Ron, for your priceless gift.”


“Dorney was rescued by our Michigan Humane Society, she was just a small five-pound puppy terrified on a busy Detroit street. She has taken over the title of "Best Dog on the Planet" and her smiles light up the world. Everyone who meets Dorney loves her, and she is the best ambassador for rescue dogs. She loves dress up and having her picture taken. Ron has captured both her silly dress up mood and her pretty princess mood and most important her smile. “


"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY LULU! You captured her perfectly. Brings tears to my eyes. I wish you could have met her too. We are quickly coming up on the one-year anniversary of her passing and I miss her terribly every day. I love how colorful the painting is but I especially love her colors. My girl. And the coconut is the icing on the cake."

Parson Pups

"Thank you Ron. I love them! They look great. I agree with you on the tweaks...they really capture them now. We look forward to hanging them in our Hawaii home and living with them every day!"


“Missy was two when she joined our family. She had been released to adoption from an abusive situation. She became the doggy love of our life, and her first toy ever was her teddy bear. Teddy never left her side and might watch while other toys were enjoyed but was always retrieved for bedtime. Teddy was with her when we sadly said "goodbye" and we know is still there every night for bedtime. Ron captured Missy's beauty and spirit and her guardian angel.”


“Our Roscoe is a special boy who survived a life threatening beating as a puppy and is now almost 14 years old. Ron has captured his beautiful soul, showing his lopsided tilt of his head, his lolling tongue and his chronic drooling. As always, Ron begins every painting with the eyes, and he has shown the love and trust shining through our Roscoe's eyes. We are overjoyed with how this painting turned out. Thank you Ron for creating this wonderful piece of art!”


“Ron’s portrait of our beloved Einstein brought us tears of joy. He gave us back our Einstein to enjoy every day. Ron’s compassionate love for animals and dedication to his work are truly reflected in his masterpieces. And, he is the nicest and most accommodating gentleman with which to collaborate.”


“I don’t know how you do it, but you capture every animal in such a unique but touching manner! I cry every time I walk by Riley! Those soul-full eyes get me every time – He is “the” dog for me at the ripe old age of 12 – He has been there for me through thick and thin and even last night was staring at me with the same look you captured while I bawled my eyes out! I just LOVE that you chose to paint the tie – he is so patient with me when I dress him up. Thanks again for this priceless gift.”

Sami & EJ

"We love it! You have captured his positive view of the world and her more tentative one. She’s older and had more years of hardship than he did. Plus, he’s just a bon vivant cocker. Thank you!"


“Thank you, Ron! We are overjoyed with your unique and colorful portrayal of our sweet Uno. You have captured her gentle spirit, curious personality, and shy demeanor in one amazing work of art. Your affability, dedication and professionalism made it a pleasure to work with you again. We will cherish our precious “flower girl” furever.”


"Oh, My Goodness this is one of your best creations EVER! Wesley and his toys are absolutely perfect! I mean that is 💯 Wesley!!!! You CAPTURED him!!!!!!!! Love is not a strong enough descriptive!!!!!!!! THANK YOU 😊 ❤️"

Dorney with Scarf

"She's my special rescue girl and you captured her sweet personality as no one could. I love dressing her, and her favorite scarf was just the touch to add to her beauty. Thank you!!"


“Crunch was a puppymill dog. He didn’t know what stairs or grass were and hung his head when he was adopted. He never played with toys but once he was home we could tell he was HAPPY. He loved to snuggle. I will never forget the feel of his body – compact, solid and his round head and big feet. He will always be with me. Crunch is home. I love, love, love this painting. Thank you so much.”


“When I took her out of the box, it took my breath away and I teared up. Somehow, someway you have a unique ability to capture the soul of your subjects on canvas. I've never seen anything like it, and my apprehension of the day when Cali will eventually leave us has been calmed by knowing she will now live forever in a very real sense -- through your gift”