18″ x 24″ Stretched Canvas Limited Edition – $1,550.00
  • Stretched on 1 1/2″ stretcher bars.
  • Wired and ready to hang.
  • Signed & numbered by Ron.
  • Certificate of Authenticity included.
“I saw Crunch posted as Urgent on the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center’s website. There was something about his (terrible) picture that spoke to me. I knew he was a puppymill dog that was rescued. I knew he was deaf. I didn’t care. I asked my husband, who is always kind to indulge me in adopting a dog, and we made arrangements to get him. He didn’t know what grass was, what stairs were, and mirrors were from outer space. He hung his head and faked being deaf because his life was so bad. I knew he could hear before we got home from Virginia – because I saw him move his ears when I spoke to him as he laid in my lap. He didn’t wag his tail or romp around when we first got him. He was housebroken almost immediately and enjoyed snuggling – a little strange for a PM dog. He never played with toys, but you could tell he was HAPPY.” – Crunch’s Furever Friend