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Ground Zero

Sophie defies all odds.

“Sophie was a six week old puppy when she was found by a NYC animal control officer. She was all alone in a drainage culvert in the Bronx, NY. Three years later, she still has an obsession with drainage pipes. I wonder if she is looking for her mother.

She failed her first temperament evaluation at the ASPCA and appeared on Good Morning America as an example of a puppy you should not adopt. But, my granddaughter Lucy persuaded me to adopt her. She had confidence in Sophie and she was right. Slowly, her behavior improved as a result of being socialized by many loving and patient people at the ASPCA.

She was certified as a therapy dog by The Good Dog Foundation. She has worked for two years with a special group of people who have convicted of animal cruelty. Some of these people have killed their own dog and it is very important that these people have a dog they can apologize to… a stand in for their animal victim. Sophie enjoys agility, swimming and is learning to herd sheep. We think she is a mix of Border Collie and Eskimo. She made numerous visits to Ground Zero.”

– Stephanie Lafarge, PH.D.