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Ground Zero

Molly made over 100 trips to Ground Zero

“We went to Ground Zero and the Piers three days a week for the entire time the Piers were open and a few extra days for special days and events. From the end of September until either April or May the following year we were there around 100 times. After that, she and I ended up doing several speeches for different events and Molly was honored in Washington DC for her service after the tragedy. Quite an event. Ali McGraw was the host and Molly gave her the biggest kiss ever. I think they became friends for life!”

“Molly continued to work at United Cerebral Palsy Center and later at St. Luke Hospital. She was also a model and appeared in several print ads for Hush Puppies, as well as Lenox China, Booda Velvets and a few others. She even did a Bounty TV commercial out at Silvercup Studios where she ended up running into James Gandolfini and charming HIM onto all fours…. where he proceeded to play with her until his car arrived! When my Mother become seriously ill in Ohio, I was fortunate to be able to arrange for Molly to accompany me to her hospital bed in Ohio – where Molly laid on her bed for hours and hours and brought endless joy to my Mom. To say she was a blessing is a HUGE understatement. Sadly, Molly is on longer with us. I still cry when I think about her and how much I miss her.”

– Cate Pontoni