Search and Rescue
Mountain View Dog Training
Ground Zero

“He gave his all in everything I asked him to do.”

“Guinness was my search partner for many years. He and I deployed to the WTC on 9/11, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, La Conchita mudslide, Waterman Canyon mudslide and many wilderness searches for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. He came from another service dog organization and was given to me when the trainer working with him saw that he had tremendous drive and focus for a toy. He would do anything for a chance to retrieve or tug with any toy! So he became a “career change” dog and absolutely excelled in search work.

He was very devoted to me and watched my every move constantly. He was thrilled to get any opportunity to work! He retired from search work when he was 10 but was still always willing to work. He patiently worked with new search dog handlers I trained and he enjoyed his retirement showing them how to handle a search dog! We go on an annual family vacation to Shaver Lake and Guinness enjoyed that immensely. He loved to swim, boat and retrieve and went with us on the trip until he was 14 years old.”

– Sheila McKee