Pet Therapy
Ground Zero

“How he knew what each person needed was unknown, but he did…”

“I’d like to take him home. And the first thing I’d do is buy him a Harley vest.” That would have been a sight I’d never imagined. But, looking at how Gerin was standing, projecting strength and steadiness, with his head in a rescuers lap, I could see it. We moved on, and he became both a playful puppy and “a dog that would protect my little sister” in the children’s area. Gerin was there, calm and even, seeming to draw anxiety from the hands touching his fur into himself, providing enough calmness that questions could be answered, forms filled out. How he knew what each person needed was unknown, but he did, and never put a paw down wrong. That was Gerin. A marvelous working dog who could summon whatever part of his personality was needed. He could go from playing Chewbacca at a Halloween party at a nursing home, to herding sheep, to an agility trial, to just talking to me without turning a hair – and he had many hairs that could be turned.

Gerin has passed on now. He was a very special dog who had a great instinct for the best response to each person he interacted with. He seemed to read that immediately. He could always make you feel that a new day was coming, and that no matter what sorrow or joys it carried, you’d manage just fine.”

– Marita Spooner