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Floral Arrangemutts - 2013 Art of the Month Club Available Now

The Art of the Month Club is back in 2013 and Floral Arrangemutts is certain to be the most diverse series yet! While we don't want to spoil all the de"tails" - here's what we can tell you:

Starting in January 2013 and lasting through June, you will receive one hand-signed and dated Ron Burns Stretched Canvas Giclee per month - many of which will feature the following elements never-before-seen in any of Ron's previous series:

- 1 Diptych (two individual pieces that when paired next to each other form a complete piece)
- 1 Cat
- Different Size Proportions

...And of course, lots of flowers. We promise Floral Arrangemutts will be as beautiful as the flowers appear to smell!

Please click here for ordering information or call 602-481-0563.
Posted by Ron Burns Studio
Christmas Cuddlers - 2012 Holiday Card Available for Pre-Order
Can you believe it? The holiday rush is literally right around the corner and let's face it - it's going to be here before we even know it. We know these two cuddlers look a little unprepared but thankfully we can help you scratch off at least one item from your impending to-do-list - holiday cards! Ron's annual card aptly-titled Christmas Cuddlers is now available for order by clicking here.

Small quantities of past holiday cards Jingle & Bells and
Hearth n' Soul are available as well by
clicking here.
Posted by Ron Burns Studio
New Stretched Canvas Limited Edition - Cream Puffs

"Simply put - there is no other painting in my body of work quite like Cream Puffs. For a number of years, I resisted the idea of painting dogs asleep because I believe that their eyes are the gateway to their souls. It's for this very reason that I begin every portrait with the eyes (or in this case, eyes closed). I came to realize though that an image of a dog sleeping can be just as equally as powerful. Dogs are smart. Not unlike when they roll over on their back for belly rubs, they understand it is a vulnerable position for them to be in. Dogs do not do that for everyone. It's when you realize the amount of trust it takes for a pet to put themselves in this position that you understand how powerful the image is."

-Ron Burns

Click here for more information about Cream Puffs
Posted by Ron Burns Studio
A Tribute to the Dogs of 9/11

On this day, let us pause for a moment to honor the fallen, their families and the heroic individuals who bravely saved lives and assisted in recovery efforts - both two-legged and four-legged.

Sirius by Ron Burns

Your voice is important too. Help us never forget by joining us at The Tribute to the Dogs of 9/11 and sharing your story from that fateful day.

Hug those that you love and tell them so every day.

All My Best,
Ron Burns
Posted by Ron Burns Studio
08.20.2012 Hana is on the Easel
Posted by Ron Burns Studio
Announcing Burns Adoption Appreciation

Ron Burns Studio has always believed in supporting and promoting pet adoption as well as raising awareness that our local animal shelters need our help. When you adopt from your local animal shelter, you are not only saving a life but you are supporting those that dedicate their time, talent, and financial resources to help our four-legged friends. It's so very important that they be able to continue the great work that they do so that all shelter animals can find their furever home.

That's why when you adopt a four-legged furever friend from your local shelter, Ron Burns Studio would like to thank you for your support (in our own special way) by sending you a gift certificate good towards 20% off the purchase of a Burns limited edition. To bring your support full circle, Ron Burns Studio donates an additional 20% of your order total total order in your name to the shelter in which you adopted your four-legged furever friend.

Please see below or go to www.ronburns.com/adopt for more information.

How It Works
1. Save a Life - Adopt a pet from your local animal shelter

2. Claim Certificate - We send you a 20% off gift certificate

3. Redeem Certificate - Redeem your certificate online, by phone or by e-mail

4. We Pay It Forward - We donate 20% of your total order to your local shelter

How You Can Help
1. Adopt a Pet! (you also qualify if you have adopted a pet within the last 12 months!)

2. Tell your Family, Friends, Co-Workers and Local Shelters about Burns Adoption Appreciation

3. "Like" the Burns Adoption Appreciation page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/burnsadoptionappreciation

Volunteer or Work at Your Local Shelter?
Click here to learn how your shelter can promote Burns Adoption Appreciation.
Posted by Ron Burns Studio
Cuervo & Stoli will be going home soon:
Posted by Ron Burns Studio
08.02.2012 Working on the de"tails"....
The more I paint dogs - the more I love them....and with 20 years of painting them....that's a lot a luv!

Posted by Ron Burns Studio
08.01.12 What's happening today in the studio.....
Here's what's trending now in the studio.....love when all the news stations use that term. Meet Cuervo & Stoli - a couple of Los Angeles dogs that love each other and their BFF (Best Friend Furever) Mom. Shown here is a photo sent by there BFF, a composition of how I wanted to paint them and then the progress of where I am at today on it (obviously not in that order). Hope you LIKE!

Posted by Ron Burns Studio
Einstein painting completed!
My painting of Einstein is complete. He will be getting dogumented soon and then off to his furever people. He may have left them but he will never be forgotten - loved and residing furever in their hearts!

Posted by Ron Burns Studio

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