Limited Edition Giclee on Stretched Canvas
Image Size: 18" X 24"
Edition Size: 35
Certificate of Authenticity included
Hand-signed and numbered by Ron
Price: $1250
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I saw Crunch posted as Urgent on the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center's website.  There was something about his (terrible) picture that spoke to me.  I knew he was a puppymill dog that was rescued.  I knew he was deaf.  I didn't care.  I asked my husband, who is always kind to indulge me in adopting a dog, and we made arrangements to get him. He didn't know what grass was, what stairs were, and mirrors were from outer space. He hung his head and faked being deaf because his life was so bad.   I knew he could hear before we got home from Virginia - because I saw him move his ears when I spoke to him as he laid in my lap. He didn't wag his tail or romp around when we first got him. He was housebroken almost immediately and enjoyed snuggling - a little strange for a PM dog. He never played with toys, but you could tell he was HAPPY.

He was a big footed, extra skin, big boned solid boy. His coat was thick and soft and he was handsome. And he knew it. He was stoic and appreciative. He watched over the other dogs in the house and knew they were his pack and he was the leader.

Everywhere we went, people were drawn to him. He was calm and not exuberant and tolerated little kids and everyone else. He liked people - but he loved me. There was a big joke that there were 2 types of people in this world - Momma and "not the Momma". His eyes were the brownest eyes, expressive and they just oozed kindness. I could feel the warmth when he looked at me. He trusted me implicitly - and through everything he went through - cardiac patient at the vet school, ACL surgery, a bout of kidney failure before he was diagnosed with Addison's disease, having me do subcutaneous fluids at home for a couple weeks - there was never a growl or anything other than "ok, I trust you and I know you won't hurt me"

I called him my Chunky Monkey and, affectionately, Lard Butt. When he sat down, he'd get a little fat roll near his tail and his tail even had a little extra skin.  Like a stuffed animal - a Gund.

  When it was time to let him go, it was his eyes that told me.  They told me it was alright, and that he was okay.   He was as perfect as a dog could get and my life was so much better for having known him.

I will never forget the feel of his body - compact, solid and his round head and big feet. He will always be with me

- Crunch's Furever Friend

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